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Program Committee

Welcome to the Program Committee! We are responsible for planning all club programs, posting programs and events on our website, managing RSVPS, and making arrangements for meeting venues. 


Click here to post a program or event to the website. 

Click here to learn how to check and manage event RSVP lists.

posting a program to the website

To post a program or event to the website please carefully fill out ALL the applicable information fields in the form below.  We encourage you to be as thorough and detailed as possible.  Please do not submit the form until you have collected all the required info.  When you submit the form, it will be emailed to the Programs Committee Director and website designer for posting.  Thank you!

Program & Event Form

Event Date
Start Time
End Time
Rain Date and Time (optional)
Event Type
In Person
Cost of Event
Who is this event for?
Open to the PUBLIC
Members with GUESTS
Is there an overall cap on registration?
Would you like to set up a waitlist?
If there is a registration deadline? If yes, please indicate the date below:

Managing RSVP Lists

Checking the RSVP list in the website account:

  1. First, you will need a Wix account to access RSVP lists.  Please contact the Programs Director for permissions. You will receive an email inviting you to the Concord Garden Club Wix website account - follow the steps to create your account and save your password.   

  2. Once you have access, login to your Wix account and go to the site dashboard

  3. In the vertical menu on the left, click "EVENTS"

  4. Once on the Events page click on "GUESTS" in the horizontal menu or "Manage Guests" on the right of the page - both take you to the same place!


You can export the guest list into a spreadsheet by clicking the arrow up icon to the left of the "More Actions" button.

For more detailed instructions on how to manage your RSVP list click here

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