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Beautiful periwinkle butterfly lands on parsley leaf. Photo for About page. Concord Garden Club NH.

Concord Garden Club (CGC)

Since 1924

"If you have never experienced the joy of accomplishing more than you imagine, plant a garden." - R. Brault

Welcome! Concord Garden Club (CGC) members are united in our interest and love of gardening, increasing our knowledge of the natural world and sharing this with the Greater Concord community.


Have you wondered what type of flower would grow in your shady backyard or what type of mulch is best for your soil or how you can best attract pollinators to your garden?


If these are questions you have asked and are interested in learning
more, please join us as a member. If you would like to know more sign up on the email list to receive notices of open events.


Everyone has different interests and experiences: we welcome experienced gardeners with knowledge to share, novice gardeners with questions, and everyone who has curiosity about and love for the natural world.

Please join us!


The objectives of the Concord Garden Club are to cultivate the spirit of gardening, to educate our members and the public in the art of gardening, to engage in community service and to foster conservation of the natural world, especially in our community.

Click on photos below to learn more about CGC programs & activities.

Photo of Concord Garden Club members taking a Fall tour of Canterbury Shaker Village NH.  Concord NH


Photo of 4 Concord Garden Club members participating in community clean up at visiting nurses assoc.

Community Service

Photo of chalkboards welcoming the Concord Garden Club to the winter farmers market. Concord NH

Cultivating the Spirit of Gardening

Image by Stephen Bedase

Conservation of the Natural World

CGC History

When the Concord Garden Club was founded in 1924 the first 25 members got to work. Their first project was to sponsor two memorial trees and to prune existing shrubbery around the old Dewey School. The first flower show was held in 1928, and continues to this day.  In 1934, 1,700 people visited the show.


During the 30’s what was called “civic beautification” continued around the schools, Concord Hospital, and South End Triangle. Six hundred iris bulbs were planted at Blossom Hill and Norway maples were planted on Main Street. With the help of the Boy Scouts caterpillar extermination was implemented through out Concord. We recognize that times have changed and today, we garden to attract and support caterpillars, and Norway Maple trees are considered to be an invasive species.


In the 40's, the CGC highlights included an extremely successful birdhouse competition in the schools, a beautiful exhibition at the public library of Fletcher wild flower prints and Tait block prints. With World War II, the situation changed. The Board placed the CGC on a
war-time basis and we used our funds for bonds, vegetable seeds, supporting the Red Cross, and assistance with Victory Gardens.


The 50’s brought changes to the Concord Garden Club again. House and garden tours were well attended as well as flower shows. Proceeds from these projects were used to continue the beautification programs. Members enjoyed learning the correct approach to flower arranging by way of lectures, instruction and workshops. At this time plantings at the Concord Hospital and at the State House were added. Many of those trees and shrubs still grow today on the grounds.


During the 60’s, CGC continued funding scholarships to Conservation Camps, sometime for students and sometimes for teachers. The CGC held a Christmas and a Spring Flower Show, an Open House and Garden Tour. The tours of 6 homes had a “Brides and Blooms” theme. Flower arrangements for events were made for the NH Historical Society, the Concord Library and the Antiques Show at the Highway Hotel. The CGC donated $500 for plantings at the new Nurses Residence at Concord Hospital, and a like sum for planting the NH Historical Society.  A gift of money, time, and consultation was given to landscape the addition to the Concord Public Library. Members of the CGC took charge of Christmas home decorating and
lighting for the Chamber of Commerce, held workshops for flower arranging, became members of the Society for the Protection of NH Forests, and continued to contribute to the Concord United Way.

The Concord Garden Club continues to research our unique history and traditions and looks forward to celebrating our 100th anniversary in 2024.

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