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CGC Committees

Community Service & Conservation Committee

This committee shall be responsible for CGC projects within the community and for the education of the Membership relative to community conservation projects. There may be subcommittees from time to time. The committee chair shall coordinate the disbursement of the Polly Perry bequest and serve as the contact person for the funds deposited in a New Hampshire Charitable Donor Advised Funds account.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee shall welcome and orient new members as outlined in the “Procedure for Proposing New Members.” The Membership chair shall keep an updated list of all members and a copy of the membership policy, to be passed on to future Membership chairs. The chair will be responsible for publication of the updated, annual Membership Handbook.

Program Committee

The Program Committee shall be responsible for the planning of all programs, including necessary arrangements for meeting venues. Program topics may include but not be limited to Horticulture, Conservation, Flower Arranging, Garden/Landscape Design and Community Projects.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of officers, including committee chairs, as required by the Constitution, which slate shall be presented to the CGC at its Annual Meeting.

Publicity Committee

The Publicity Committee shall have charge of all publicity pertaining to the CGC and its activities.

Fund Raising Committee

The Fund Raising Committee shall be responsible for developing and implementing strategies for the CGC’s financial health.

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