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CGC Website Admin Help Area

If you are involved in the CGC website in any way here are some help pages that will support your efforts! Login to your account, click on the CGC website until you are at the "Dashboard"

Accessing The Website's "Dashboard"

Instructions here.

Adding Events

1) Login to your account and go to the "Dashboard".

2) Click on events in the black horizontal menu on the left.

3) Further instructions here.

Managing RSVPs

1) Login to your account and go to the Dashboard.

2) Follow the instructions here.

Writing a Blog Post

Login to your account and go to the site Dashboard.

2) Follow these instructions here.

3) Make sure to choose a "category" before publishing - learn how here.

Connecting A Google Doc to a button IN EDITOR

1) Go into the Google Doc you want to link 

2) Click "Share" in upper right hand corner of doc

3) Click "Copy Link" in the pop up box

4) Login to your account and click "Edit Site"

5) Navigate to the page where the button is located

6) Click the button
7) Click the Link icon (looks like a tiny chain link)
8) Select "website" for your link type.
9) Paste the Google Doc link in the box.
10) Click Done.

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