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NEW PROCESS For MEMBER DIRECTORY - ALL members please follow these steps!

Greetings Concord Garden Club members,

This is Meredith Cooley, your website designer. As you learned in the recent email from Gena Cohen Moses, the Garden Club is moving to a new way of joining the"Member Directory" page on the website and we need YOUR help in the process. There are two major benefits to the new process:

  1. You can change or update your member directory information at any time.

  2. It ensures a streamlined process for generations to come!

We need every Garden Club member to take a few minutes to set up their Site Directory "Member Account". Thank you in advance for your time, attention and patience during this process. Gena and I are here to help you if you get stuck, and Gena makes house calls!

To get started, please read through and then follow the written instructions below. (These instructions can also be found on the CGC website here.)

Thanks so much,




  1. Go to the Members Only Area on the website (you'll need to sign in like usual with the regular password).

  2. Then go to the Member Directory page.

  3. Click on the Login bar which will take you to the log in page.

  4. Try logging in (using your usual CGC email and password).

    1. If your password works, go to the "SET UP ACCOUNT" steps below.

    2. If you can't log in, click "forgot password" and follow the steps to create a new password.

  5. With your new password, go back to the Member Directory page and log in.

  6. Next, follow the steps under "SET UP ACCOUNT" below.

​​TIP: For your convenience, use the same email and password you use with all your Concord Garden Club work - this makes it easier to remember when you're logging in to the website.


  1. After logging in to the Member Directory with your new password, click on the drop down menu arrow on the Login bar and choose "My Account" from the menu.

  2. Change your "display name" to your first and last name. This is a very important step! Your display name appears on your profile card on the main Member Directory page and it's how others will find you.

  3. Change your contact info by clicking into each of the input boxes. For all the input boxes you can choose what information will appear in the Directory by clicking on the picture of the globe (public) or lock (private).

  4. Change your photo by hovering over the gray circle in the lower left hand corner of the dark blue box - a little camera icon will appear - click on it. Choose a photo from your computer files to set as your profile photo. Click "open".

  5. SAVE YOUR CHANGES by clicking the "Update Info" button.

  6. Go to the Member Directory page to view your live profile card (and other members' profiles as well!)

  7. At any time you can change your contact info or photo by repeating these steps.




If you're not receiving CGC emails/posts there are a few things that might be happening:

  1. Emails are going to Spam

  2. Emails are going to Promotions in Gmail

  3. You have become an "inactive" contact because you aren't opening your CGC emails/posts.


Check your spam and promotions inboxes. If a CGC email has gone to spam or promotions please set your email to recognize CGC emails as normal emails so they won't continue to go to spam.

Please do your best to open your mail from the Garden Club. If you ignore emails and don't open them, the system (over time) will automatically switch you to an "inactive" user and you will no longer receive announcements and newsletters. Gena will reach out to you if you've already become an "inactive" user.

To become "active" again please:

  1. Search your email for an old "Concord Garden Club" post/email,

  2. Open one or more of these posts, and click on "read more". This will automatically switch you back to being an "active" user.



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