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Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Welcome all to a new Garden Club season! We have a full season of lectures and activities and we are looking forward to seeing you all. We are writing now with some news.


The 2022-2023 Concord Garden Club Membership Directory and Calendar (affectionately known as the “Handbook”) is available for download on our website, Those of you who like the convenience of a written Handbook can print it out for a quick reference guide to our members, our calendar of events and our Bylaws. This information is also available on the website. To print the Handbook, go to the Members Only area of the website and find the button for the CGC Handbook. When you click on the button, the Handbook will open and there will be a small icon of a printer in the upper right hand corner. Please contact Gena Cohen Moses if you need help finding or printing the Handbook.


The Fells is looking for a contribution from the Garden Club of a wreath for their Christmas at The Fells Hall of Wreaths. The wreaths are auctioned off to support The Fells, and last year Lauren Savage, Johane Telgener, Barbara Jobin and Jeanie West created one from the Garden Club. Deadline for delivery of the wreath is October 19 or 20 from 10 – 1 so there is plenty of time to find a friend and create something beautiful for The Fells. Here’s the notice from the folks at The Fells:

Hello Brilliant Wreath Designers! Labor Day is over (where is time going!) and CATF plans are well underway. Susan Giacotto and I are in charge of the Hall of Wreaths again this year.

The John Hay Estate at the Fells is so thrilled to be hosting Christmas at the Fells Designer Showhouse 2022. The Hall of Wreaths will once again be an important part of our CATF fund raising efforts. The Concord Garden Club participated last year, and we are so appreciative. Everyone loved your 2021 Merry Magnolia! The winner was more than excited.

We hope you will be able to participate this year! The wreath backdrops are 30" square burlap boards, and live conifer greens are not allowed for fire safety reasons. However, natural elements such as magnolia leaves, foraged woodland material, etc is fine (needs to withstand the dry air in an old house). Creative ideas are welcome and encouraged!

The event Preview Gala is Friday November 4, Ladies Night is Wednesday November 9, and the event runs from November 5 to November 14. Our Silent Auction format allows visitors to bid on the wreaths throughout the event. On Sunday, the 14th, we will notify the top bidder of each wreath.

All wreath creators/clubs will be given recognition both on the display, and in our program. You have all been so amazing in supporting Christmas at the Fells, and the John Hay Estate at the Fells.

Please let me know if you would like any more information. My mobile number is 603-748-6194.

Thank you very much. We look forward to hearing from you!

Best, Connie C. McElwee, CCM Management, LLC

And here is a link to the Wreath Information Sheet:

CATF Wreath Info sheet- 2022 (1) (3)
Download DOCX • 46KB


The Program Committee has created a year of events and activities for us to enjoy. You will find details in the Handbook and information will be posted soon under the Events tab on our website. Please mark your calendars and RSVP for events when indicated.


The Garden Club can’t continue to function without the help and support of our members. We are currently looking for people to assume leadership positions on the Publicity Committee and the Program Committee, we will need an Auditor next year and we need someone to lead the 2023 Garden Tour. These are not difficult jobs and they contribute to everyone’s enjoyment. Please consider stepping up to help out. Contact Johane or Gena for more information on any position.


You should have received a letter from Jeanie West inviting you to become a designer for Art & Bloom. Please consider signing up! Art & Bloom is the Garden Club’s signature event and your participation will help make it a roaring success.


Now that we have had a year or so to get used to our wonderful new website,, we are ready for an upgrade. We need to update the way we manage our Member Directory on the website. More information on this will be coming to your inboxes in the next few days. Thank you for helping us keep our website in top shape.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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