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December's Updates and Events

Greetings, Gardeners!

And here we go, headlong into busy December!

Last year at this time, we were busy on Zoom, learning how to make beautiful and innovative wreaths -- and now we're happily able to meet again in person.

Last week, as part of our ongoing emphasis on being (or becoming) more knowledgable gardeners, many of us enjoyed Master Gardener Ruth Axelrod's presentation on the difference between invasive species and native species, and how to manage them -- a very important topic. If you were not able to attend that meeting, seek out a friend who was -- maybe at the Holiday Luncheon! If you'd like to attend that get-together and haven't RSVP'd, the date to do so has officially passed, but you can contact Johane Telgener ( to see if there's still room.

As always, don't forget to scroll all the way down this page, so you don't miss anything.....


Coming up soon!!


Thursday, January 26th - Saturday, January 28th League of NH Craftsmen Gallery

49 S. Main Street, Concord


We're VERY excited to share with you the new Art & Bloom page on our website! This page is a beautiful resource for anyone who wants to visit or participate in this signature event of our Garden Club year. Please check out the page here, where you'll find everything you need to know about Art & Bloom, including designer tips and resources.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, you can register as a designer directly from this page! Or if you prefer, you can contact Jeanie West directly. (

ALL ARE WELCOME to be designers -- the more, the merrier.


Volunteer Opportunity:

Community Service Committee

We need you! Please join the Community Service Committee in our outreach activities to bring the beauty and joy of flowers and gardens to our area.

We decorate the dining tables

at the Friendly Kitchen throughout the year, changing centerpieces seasonally (winter, spring, summer, fall). We also maintain the Peace Pole perennial garden in White Park, with a spring cleanup and refresh, and periodic maintenance during the summer and early fall.

The “sleeves rolled up” time commitment is an hour, and many hands will make the work go smoothly and quickly. A member of the Community Service Committee will always be on hand to lead the activity.

Email co-chairs Debbie Carley ( or Melissa Smart ( if you would like to join in once, twice, or more frequently!


Looking ahead,

garden tour needs a chairman

Last summer's Garden Tour was a resounding success, enjoyed by both Club members and the Concord community. Several gardens have already been volunteered for a Summer 2023 tour, but we are in need of a Chairperson to oversee the event. If you think you may be interested, please contact Johane Telgener ( to talk it over.


Last but not least,


We don't want to lose track of you! If you haven’t done so already, please help us by taking 5 minutes to log in to the Members Only section of the website to create your profile for the Club’s online Member Directory. Step by step instructions can be found here

If you are having trouble with this process or anything else to do with accessing or using the website, please contact Gena Cohen Moses ( or 603.491.0437)


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