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December 2023 Updates and Events


We hope you enjoy the holiday season with friends and loved ones, and look forward to spending time together in 2024.


Starting with......

ART and BLOOM 2024

Reminder to all Garden Club members: our 21st Annual Art and Bloom is coming up! Spread the word among friends and colleagues that we will be at the Kimball Jenkins Estate from Thursday January 25th through Saturday January 27th. We are very much hoping for a great turnout to enjoy what promises to be a great show.

We will be asking for CGC members to serve as hosts for 2-hour shifts during the event. We have done this for the past several years with much success. Be on the lookout early in January for an email from Nicki Kilfara regarding this, and be sure to sign up.

Our poster doesn’t mention an important part of the exhibit we know our members look forward to every year, our advance preview of the art and arrangements. This WILL be happening at 1:00pm on Thursday. This will be your chance to hear the designers talk about their inspirations and the challenges in interpreting their chosen art piece. Mark your calendars!

And please also mark your calendars to be on hand Thursday evening from 5-7pm for our opening reception. It will be the start of the year-long celebration of our one hundredth year as a garden club. Very exciting!

If you have more questions, please contact us now!

Lucy Gentilhomme

Teresa Rosenberger

Millie LaFontaine



We have a limited number of Concord Garden Club notecards for sale -- they are charming, and at $5 for 10 notes make great stocking stuffers or an addition to your gift drawer stash -- or get some just for you, as an old fashioned way of keeping in touch! If you would like to support the Club by purchasing some, contact Johane Telgener (



If you have signed up to participate, don't forget to attend this Wednesday's

Community Service Holiday Greens Workshop, to be held 1-3pm at

The Merrimack County Nursing Home

325 Daniel Webster Hwy,

Boscawen NH 03303

Questions? Contact Melissa Smart


Recent Garden Club Events

Holiday Arrangement Workshop

On November 15th, Barbara Jobin and Robyn Cotton led a very informative workshop, teaching us how to build beautiful and non-traditional seasonal arrangements and holiday decorations using foraged materials, dollar store finds and grocery store flowers.

Many thanks to Barbara and Robyn for sharing their vast knowledge, and for all the work that went in to putting this inspirational presentation together. They are welcome back any time!


Holiday Luncheon

Many Club members were able to attend last Friday's Holiday Luncheon, which was a lovely way to kick off the holiday season with garden club friends. A highlight of the event was a lively Yankee Swap.



As a courtesy, each month we include, for your information, the list of upcoming programs for the remainder of the Garden Club year. This is a replication of the material that appears on the Programs area of our website's Members Only page.

VERY IMPORTANT: please click through to our website's Members Only page to learn full details, and to RSVP.

As a reminder, when you click the link to RSVP to a CGC event, you will be taken to our website's Members Only login page. Once logged in, navigate down the page to Upcoming Events, where you will find RSVP information and links for each program. If you need help logging in to the Members Only page, contact Gena Cohen Moses for help (

AND -- once you've RSVP'd, don't forget to put them in your calendar, and note whether you have paid or not.

21st Annual Art & Bloom -Thursday, January 25 - Sat. Jan 27th

Join us for the Concord Garden Club's signature winter event!

The event spans three days and is free and open to the public.

SCHEDULE: Thurs, Jan 25th 1-5:30pm | Fri, Jan 26th 10-4pm | Sat, Jan 27th 10-4pm.

Presenter - John Harris of the NH Humanities Council - Thursday, March 14th 1pm

Returning North with the Spring:

Retracing the Journey of Naturalist Edwin Way Teale

In 1947, Edwin Teale, followed the progress of spring over four months from the Everglades to the summit of Mount Washington. His best selling book, North with the Spring, recounts the epic journey he and his wife, Nellie undertook. John Harris set out to retrace Teale’s route, stopping at unfamiliar wild places on the same calendar date on which Teale visited. Using Teale’s journal notes and photographs, Harris examined and compared changes in the flora, fauna, and lives of the people along the way. His account documents the losses, details the transformation, and celebrates the victories, for a remarkable number of east coast refuges have grown wilder during the intervening years.

Presenter - Dr. Doug Tallamy - 7pm Thursday, April 18th

NH Audubon

84 Silk Farm Road,

Concord NH

Your Questions about Ecological Landscaping

"Nearly every day I get emails from people who have read my books and heard my talks and yet still have questions about ecological landscaping. These are good, thoughtful questions about ecology and evolution, biodiversity, invasive species, insect declines, native and non-native plants, conservation and restoration, residential and city landscapes, urban issues, oak biology, keystone plants, Homegrown National Park, monarchs, supporting wildlife at home, and more. In this talk I address as many of these queries as I can with hope that my answers will further motivate people to help restore ecosystem function where they live, work, play, worship, and farm."

Douglas Tallamy is a passionate entomologist, ecologist and conservationist, and a terrific speaker. He is a professor in the Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware and has written and co-authored several books, including, most recently, Nature's Best Hope. Tallamy is one of the founders of the Homegrown National Park initiative, and he advocates for home gardens and landscaping that bridge the gaps between parks and preserves in providing habitat for native species.

Sanborn Mills Farm tour - Thursday, May 16th 10am

Sanborn Mills Farm's mission is to teach traditional crafts and farming methods while sustainably using its field and forest resources for its workshops and events.

The Farm is a center for the renewal of the human spirit, a place to cultivate creativity and joy, and an anchor for our individual, collective, and shared experiences. SMF expands its traditional farming practices, including draft animal power, growing fruits, vegetables, animals, grains, trees, ornamental gardens, fiber, and other materials for use in making things. Remaining rooted in regenerative practices, our products are used in our community. SMF teaches traditional crafts, farming with draft animals, animal husbandry and the skills needed to repair, maintain and run water-powered mills. The Farm's ethos is guided by a desire to achieve perfection through what can be accomplished by working with one’s hands.

This tour will be rescheduled if inclement weather on the 16th.

Members only, No guests.

Annual Meeting and Comedy Show - Thursday, June 6 11:30am - 2pm

Join us to end the year with a short meeting, lunch, and a wonderful comedy show.

Members Only. No Guests.

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